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Course: "Keys to sustainable irrigation management in the face of climate change"

FENACORE is a member of the European ERASMUS + FIELDS project consortium. In this last phase of the project, the University of Castilla la Mancha, which is also a partner of the project, has organized this course.

  • Theoretical part: (synchronous online): 54 h during 6 weeks (from February 6 to March 14, 2024), 3 days a week (Tuesday to Thursday), three hours a day (4 to 7 p.m. Spanish time).
  • Practical part: (in Albacete): 15 h during 2 days (April 12 and 13, 2024), 7.5 h per day.

The course aims to be a forum for students, technicians, farmers and other interested parties who want to update their knowledge on how to improve the agronomic and economic productivity of irrigation water in a situation of decreasing availability of water for irrigation. The contents do not have a high level of scientific complication since they are aimed at end users (similar to Grade II Vocational Training Technicians) who are in charge of irrigated farms that want to improve the handling and management of the productive system linked to irrigation.

Participants will have at their disposal the PowerPoint presentations, as well as the tools and models to help in irrigation programming and others that are presented in class, where there will also be comments and discussions on the topics covered at all times. The idea is to make it attractive and useful for participants, helping them in the sustainability of agriculture linked to irrigation in a scenario of increasing water scarcity as a result of climate change.

The registration link is as follows:

The Erasmus + FIELDS project and the Regional Center for Water Studies (CREA), of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), will give attendees a DIPLOMA certifying that they have completed the specialization course, with international recognition.

February 15th and 16th 2023, in Cnema (Santarém), Portugal

Irrigants d´Europe will participate at the Congresso Nacional do Milho 2023

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On February 15th and 16th 2023, in Cnema (Santarém), will be presented the XIV Milho National Congress, where the protagonists of the agricultural sector will meet to discuss topics such as: 

  • What role does agriculture play in world geopolitics?
  • Energy crisis: How do we adapt?
  • The Future of Maize Production in Portugal: Constraints and opportunities.
  • The importance of irrigation for Mediterranean countries.
  • The production of corn under the new PEPAC.
  • What challenges will Portuguese agriculture face in the coming decades?

26/02/2020 Geo, Rai3, Italy

>> ANBI’s General Director Massimo Gargano interview

"Irrigation canal network biodiversity safeguarded and increased by responsible management"

11 & 12/12/2019 Zaragoza, Spain

>> EIP Water 2019

>> EIP Water 2019, Side Meetings

"From Alternative Water Sources to Robotics: Create the Nexus for Agriculture 4.0, Sustainable Water Management"

13/03/2019 Lisbon, Portugal

>> 1st Iberian Maize Congress

"Modernization of irrigated agriculture should be a priority at CAP post 2020"

maize congress

22/11/2018 Mulhouse, France

>> AGPM Corn Congress 2018

From left to right: Massimo Gargano (ANBI), Alix D'Armaille (AGPM), Eric Fretillere (Irrigants de France), Adriano Battilani (ANBI), Caterina Truglia (ANBI), Gilles Espagnol (AGPM), Andrés del Campo (FENACORE), Jose Nuncio (FENAREG), Cesar Trillo (FENACORE), Juan Valero de Palma (FENACORE)

The event on the news:

20/03/2018 Brussels, Belgium

>> Irrigants d'Europe Presentation in Brussels

The event on the news:

14/06/2017 Santarem, Portugal

>> IE Constituent Assembly